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PISA 2009

Approximately 470,000 students in 65 countries/economies participated in the 2009 PISA study representing close to 26,000,000 15-year old students. PISA measures three domains: reading literacy, mathematical literacy, and scientific literacy. Like in 2000, reading was the major focus of the 2009 assessment, allowing an in-depth examination of students' achievements across a wider range of reading content areas and skills than had been possible in either 2003 or 2006.

Some 50,000 students took part in a second round of this assessment in 2010, representing about 2 million 15 year-olds from 10 additional partner countries/economies.

PISA 2009 consists of the following:

  • Two hours of direct students' skill assessment through reading, mathematics and science tests.
  • A 30-minute self-completed contextual questionnaire administered to students to collect background information to help understand the factors contributing to student achievement.
  • A 10-minute section on Information Technology administered to students.
  • A 30-minute self-completed school questionnaire administered to school principals to collect information about characteristics of schools.

In Canada, about 23,000 students from 1000 schools across Canada participated in the 2009 PISA survey in order to collect information at the provincial level and to allow for estimates for both official language groups.

The assessment was administered in school, during regular school hours, in April and May 2009.


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